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What kind of Giantess are you?  I am a Gentle Giantess who has deep compassion for others especially those who are vulnerable. I am sensual, loving, caring, and kind and do my best to protect my community rather than destroy it. However I have a TWISTED sense of humor and can be a real bitch sometimes too so DON'T piss me off!

What is the most exciting thing about being a Giantess? Possessing the ultimate power of intimidation over an entire city and having the ability to own another human being by controlling their every breath. Being served, worshiped, and respected is very nice too. But the best part of all is the ability to shrink people! That's the most fun for me and a skill that comes in very handy!

How big can you grow? I can grow as tall as I want and to the heights of using your globe as my pillow. Sometimes it is relaxing to take a break and enjoy some peaceful quietness beyond the clouds. But the taller I grow the colder I get and I HATE being cold. So I would say my favorite and most comfortable height is between 50 to 150 feet tall. At that height I can interact with my community in a positive and playful way (which I enjoy doing so much) yet I can avoid crushing anyone on accident. Also at that smaller height I can still see the look on people's faces when I make my presence. After all. . . What good is being intimidating if I can't see their expressions?  Plus it's easier to find a snack when I'm hungry. *Wink*
Can you shrink people? Yes of course I can shrink people and I can make them grow bigger as well! However I will never reveal my secret as that is a power I possess and one I don't wish to share. Only another gentle Giantess would be worthy of knowing my skills. But yes I can shrink people and do it all the time!

How many people have you shrunk? OMG!!! There are far to many to count. I have shrunken MANY people but mostly men.

How many little men do you possess? I really don't keep track of exactly how many littlem men I have because the numbers are always changing. I have many little boxes (homes) in my house where I divide them all into groups. Some are sex slaves, some are workers, and some are my favorite friends. Basically I have many little guys of all shapes, sizes, and uses, and the numbers change daily.

 Do you possess any woman? Hell fucking NO! The last thing I need is a PMS'ing little bitch ordering my slaves around. And since I am a gentle Giantess, and don't wish to kill or torture anyone, I know that if I possessed a little woman I probably do just that!  So no bitches allowed in my house except for me!!! Unless I am in a feisty mood or hungry then I might just pocess one as a snack or to practice my punishing skills on. hahaha But she wouldn't last more than a day.

Can you restore people to normal size? Yes of course I can but why would I do that???  If I shrunk them down to begin with then I obviously had a good reason to do so in the first place and they don't deserve to be restored.

What are your forms of punishment: Since I am a nice Giantess I prefer not to punish at all. But I admit at times it is necessary (and fun) so I use methods which are more humiliating than painful. Like sticking a tiny man up my ass hole and farting him out. Or raising my voice in anger to scare him silent. However  forcing him to clean the cheese between my toes seems to work well too. But my evil threats of squishing them like bugs or swallowing them whole seems to work best. While I prefer not to use any form of punishment I admit it can be alot of fun. What can I say, sometimes I am evil and my devious thoughts get the best of me.

What´s the worst thing you have done to a little man: The worst thing I have ever done was stuck a tiny man inside my asshole then farted him out. That one "cracked" me up (no pun intended) The gasses must have been building up for hours cause when he came he shot across the room, hit the wall, and was knocked out delirious. Also one time I swallowed a long noodle of spaghetti that was tied around a little man and made him climb back up my throat. As you can see I have a twisted sense of humor and only enjoy punishing if it's fun and entertaining for me. . . otherwise what's the point?
What would you do if they tried to run away: Ha! Let them!!! Except for my sex slaves the rest can leave when ever the hell they want. I did not capture them nor did I force them to live with me. In fact it's quite the opposite. They are the ones who came begging to me asking for food, shelter, and protection in return for their services as slaves. Basically I am their only hope of survival as I provide them with a safe environment. So if they want to leave (which I seriously doubt they will) they would probably come crawling back within minutes after being chased by hungry cats or creepy spiders. The only people who cannot leave are my sex slaves. If they leave they will probably freeze to death because they have no clothes. But if I catch them running away (Trust me, I will catch them eventually) I will fuck them so hard it will devastate them or I will just eat them.

What is your favorite size: I assume we are talking about height and not penis right? hahaha My size preference depends on what I am doing. If I want to have sex with my little guys I prefer them to be 12' tall so I can use him as dildos. However when it is time for bed or punishment I will shrink them down to micro size cause it's easier for them to fit in a box, in my asshole, or between my toes. I like to "play" around with many sizes.

Do you have sex with little men: Yes I do and lots of it!!!  However some of my tiny guys have pathetically small penises so I just used them as dildos and vibrators. I will fuck them vigorously until I cum or they pass out from exhaustion. LOL  Sometimes I will give my favorites a nice blow job in return for their outstanding behavior and services.

Do you make tiny clothes for your tiny men: Not only do I make them tiny clothes but I also make them special little beds made from boxes, nice warm blankets made from torn remnants, pillows , toys, and all sorts of other nice things as well.  However my sex slaves remain naked and without luxury. Clothes for them serve no purpose and their nakedness keep them from running away.

Will you fight with another Giantess: I'd rather not fight with anyone. But if see another Giantess purposely killing people for no reason at all and/or destroying their community for her selfish entertainment, I will try and stop her. But a fight between 2 Giantess would be catastrophic and probably cause even more damage then her erratic behavior alone. So unless I could find a quiet beach or deserted island where I could kick her ass I will just shrink her instead. Muuuahahaha

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